Artists in collaboration
Inês Carincur
Pedro Castella
Ana Ri

Photo and video
João Timóteo

Este projecto resulta em quatro partes e surgiu da pesquisa diária do espaço que as pessoas ocupam, do som que produzem e dos automatismos quotidianos - a necessidade do pormenor.
O objectivo foi desconstruir esses automatismos tornando-os numa coreografia, transcendê-los.
É um acto performativo, instalatório, político, uma composição sonora, corporal, sensorial e emocional. Compomos com o som, o corpo e os sentidos.
Todas as pessoas o fazem, 24 horas por dia.


This project results in four parts and it arose from the daily observation of the space that people occupy, the sounds they produce and their daily automatisms - the need for detail. The goal was to deconstruct these automatisms and choreograph them, in a way that would transcend them. It is a performative, installation, political act, a sonorous, corporal, sensorial and emotional composition.
We compose with sound, the body and the senses.
Everyone does it - 24 hours a day.

In Laboratório Galeria Inserted in the project A Cunha

In Centro de Artes
Inserted in the program of Electricidade Estética

In Silos - contentor criativoInserted in the program of   Zero Zeugma


We are atoms. Particles in permanent movement. An aleatory movement.
Our search it’s that “invisible movement” and our will is give it a body, voice and spirit – space, sound and image.
We create other music score, other language that comes from sound, body, sensory and emotional composition.
We compose with sound, body and senses. Everybody does it, 24 hours a day. With the composition a space is created that is sound, image,sense. All people create environments. We want create environments and transpose people to that space. The human image within a space. A space inside another. That image often set aside. Each image has power.
What’s mine, mine, what’s yours. A space where everything is in there belongs to you.
The body no longer listen himself. Space is the only sound. The sound of cooling; we freeze our beet; people talking; the rush that makes dishes break; the money hitting on the counter - an unconscious daily composition.
Too much information surrounding that leaves us in a state of apathy and numbness which enforces our actions to be choreographed. Image, object and action. What’s left if the envolved context was erased?
Unfix the human image from space and object and just stick with the movement of the action and the sound of the body. Take that unconscious daily composition and turn it into material, giving it consciousness. What is it?
It’s a concert. It’s a performance. It’s a play. It’s a project. It’s an exercise.
Whatever is operate it can be everything.